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            Welcome to Anhui Jiangyun Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd. About us | Feedback

            Strength of production and marketing and elite technology

            Production and marketing strength is strong, sales points all over the country, the elite technical team can customize hardware products according to customer requirements

            High end quality and product stability

            High quality, good quality and long service life. The long-term stable supply of products rich in style to choose it。

            Professional customer service operation

            Professional after-sales service team, targeted to solve all customer problems

            Why choose us?

            The first choice of auto parts

            Zhejiang car margin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., formerly Zhejiang Zhuji car margin auto parts factory, founded in 1987, is a professional production, development, sales of heavy truck brake valve, adjusting arm, spring air chamber, construction machinery and other products of the manufacturer.Under the Shiyan letter automobile valve Co. Ltd., Shiyan Zhejiang billion Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited. The company management system is certified by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and the international certification Union (IQNet) ISO9001:2000 ...

            Other Aluminum alloy industry Iron and steel metallurgy Fasteners and cold extrusion Bearing industry Machinery industry furnace accessories

            QPQ liquid nitriding furnace

            QPQ liquid nitriding furnace can not only heat treat the workpiece in the salt bath at moderate temperature without deformation, but also greatly improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the metal surface. This salt bath composite treatment technology realizes the combination of nitriding process and oxidation process, the combination of nitride and oxide, the combination of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the combination of heat treatment technology and corrosion protection technology.

            Company news Industry trends

            Temperature control mode of industrial electric furnace

            Temperature control mode of industrial electric furnace